Heavy Rains Cause Flooding In Scott County

The roads in Scott County looked more liked rivers Thursday night, as embankments and ponds overflowed, and spilled onto both main and residential roads.
One man had to be rescued from waist deep water after driving his car over, what appeared to be only a bit of shallow water on a roadway on Biddle Pike in Georgetown.
Scott County fire fighters and rescue crews quickly rushed to the scene, and were able to easily help him escape from his vehicle.
The man was transported from the road by ambulance.
Fire officials say he was lucky, and hope others learn from this situation and avoid driving over flooded areas.
Meanwhile, strong winds and possibly a tornado caused severe damage in the western Kentucky community of Park City.
The national weather service will survey the damage in the morning to determine if a tornado is to blame.
A home is severely damaged, a barn blown over and a mobile home destroyed.
Family members of the woman who lived in the mobile home say they're amazed no one was killed.