Courtroom Outburst During Teens Murder Hearing

A Lexington teenager convicted of murder just a little more than a year ago was back in court Friday. Darius Frye was 15 when he shot and killed 35-year-old Billy Allen Parker in 2005. Friday he was re-sentenced because he has now turned 18.

Judge Pamela Goodwine had two options at Friday's hearing. The judge could have sentenced Frye to probation, essentially letting him out of prison after only serving three years of his 40 year sentence. The other option was to send him to an adult prison to serve out the remainder of his time.

During Friday's hearing, both sides were allowed to speak. The victim's family spoke first, saying probation should not be an option because their son is dead and serving less than three years for murder is inconceivable. Frye's father, however, told a much different story. He said his son was wrong but deserves a second chance because he was just a child when the murder was committed. He then went on to say if his son were white he would not have received 40 years. That comment caused the victim's brother to jump up, forcing courtroom bailiff to restrain him.

In the end, Judge Goodwine had the final say. She spent at least ten minutes giving Frye's family a piece of her mind. She told the family the case was not an issue of race but an issue of Frye taking responsibility for killing a man. She even told Frye's father from the bench, it was time race stopped being an excuse.

The judge ended up sending Frye to an adult prison to serve out his time, saying probation wasn't an option. She told Frye the court felt he was likely to commit another crime. He'll now be eligible for parole after 20 years.

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