Women Distract Clerk, Clean Out Cash Register

Police in Danville say two women who robbed a gas station have turned themselves in.

The robbery at the Pioneer Marathon gas station on Wednesday night was caught on tape. Police say two women distracted the clerk and then cleaned out the cash register at the business on Old Stanford Road in Danville.

Police say one woman bought a quart of oil and then lured the clerk from behind the cash register by asking her to help add the oil to her car. Surveillance video clearly shows the clerk walking out to help.

Then, police say a second woman came from behind the store and emptied out the cash drawer.

The clerk didn't know the crime had even taken place. It wasn't until the clerk came back inside to help another customer that she noticed, the money was gone.

According to Assistant Chief Anthony Gray, the thieves involved began receiving phone calls after they were recognized on the police website 27 NEWSFIRST at noon and turned themselves in.

The clerk says she came out of the store because she's always helping customers with oil and air.

The names of the suspects have not been released and an investigation is still underway.

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