Victim Takes The Stand In Lexington Eye Doctor's Murder Trial

Testimony started Monday in the murder trial of a Lexington eye doctor.

Michael Flick is accused of killing Christine Wittich and wounding Dr. Randall Lambrith.

Lambrith took the stand on Monday to testify about the shooting.

Lambrith says he and Flick were business partners initially at a Lexington's Lenscrafter's location. Eventually, Lambrith became the boss and eventually ended up firing Flick. Lambrith says after he let Flick go, he threatened him.

Lambrith testified on Monday that on the day of the shooting in 2005, he came home with his brother to find his girlfriend, Christine Wittich, dead on the kitchen floor. She was a co-worker of both doctors.

Lambrith says he was bent over her body when he heard a noise behind him and saw Flick, pointing a gun at him. Lambrith says he pushed a table at Flick, trying to get away, but was shot.

Lambrith says at that point, his brother came into the kitchen and held Dr. Flick while Lambrith called police.

On Tuesday, the jury heard from lead detective Matt Brotherton who conducted two interviews with the suspect shortly after the shootings took place.

The jury also heard from the suspect himself via audio tape from the interviews. Flick states that he was disoriented and confused at the time of the interview.

Testimony contiunes this week.

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