More Changes Coming To Hamburg Pavilion

If you feel like every time you go to Hamburg Pavilion, something is a little different, you're not alone.

Right now, new stores are going up and more roads are being put in. And even more changes are on the way.

Hamburg Development Attorney Patrick Madden says right now, Hamburg is only 40-50 percent developed.

New office buildings are already under construction. And there's even talk of a new Central Baptist Hospital in the area. But officials say that project is still a few years out.

Hundreds of new homes are going up in the Hamburg area too, many of them in the Tuscany subdivision off Sir Barton Way.

Traffic is becoming a bigger issue in Hamburg, with tens of thousands of people coming in and out of the area every day. But Madden says developers are in the process of easing the congestion.

Crews are working to extend Star Shoot Parkway to Liberty Road, which officials hope will ease some of the congestion.

Madden says he couldn't go into details about all the new businesses coming to Hamburg in the near future. But he says some exciting announcements are coming soon.

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