Truck Driver Dies In Accident

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A Letcher County professional truck driver is dead after a freak accident on the job.

It happened in the Hallie area of Letcher County at the Line Fork Compressor Unit, operated by Kentucky Oil Gathering Corporation.

WYMT was the only station on the scene as company officials began their investigation into how 30-year-old Timothy Fields lost his life.

A freak accident, that's how Kentucky Oil State Manager Leonard Carl Ross describes what happened Monday afternoon at the Line Fork Compressor Unit in Hallie.

“I got a call from one of my employees today that we had an accident up in Letcher County, and it turned out to be one of our employees, a fatality,” Leonard Carl Ross said.

30-year-old Timothy Fields' arm got caught in a PTO, or power take off, shaft while operating a truck.

Fields died as a result of his injuries. Now officials are trying to figure out how it happened as they remember one of their best employees.

“Top of the line. I don't know where you'd find anybody any better,” Ross said.

Men who worked with Fields say they're shocked and saddened to lose someone they enjoyed working with every day.

Ross says Fields leaves behind a wife, and a young child.

Kentucky Oil Gathering Corporation State Manager Leonard Ross says this is the first serious accident the company has ever had in the state.

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