Casino Gambling Debate In Frankfort

His address to the state lasted nearly 25 minutes Monday night, yet Gov. Steve Beshear didn't make one mention of an issue he says he'll push to help the state recoup millions of dollars.

Those against casinos say advocates are waiting until the last minute, to keep the opposition of guard.

“I think what we're going to see is a proposal that forced upon the people of Kentucky through the General Assembly with very little time for opposition,” says John Mark Hack of Say No To Casinos.

The Governor says Kentucky could rake in $500 million a year with casinos.

Senator David Boswell has filed the first two bills that call for referendums, meaning Kentuckians would vote for or against increased gaming.

“What I received from the Governor’s remarks last night is that he wants to look at every option available to generate money for the state,” says Sen. David Boswell, D - Owensboro.

Groups against expanded gambling want those for a referendum to be more up front.

“And at this point, we've had nothing but slogans, ‘Keep It in Kentucky’, ‘Let the People Decide’, ‘Horses Work for Casinos’; we haven't had a full disclosure and we think the administration should lead with that,” says Ken Ostrander with The Family Foundation.

Boswell's two bills could be heard shortly in committee, but the Governor has his own version of a bill that's yet to be revealed.

“The governor has not specifically sat down with me and exchanged ideas on the issue. I cannot give address to that,” says Boswell.

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