Teenagers Accused Of Vandalizing Church-Based Campground

Some northeastern Kentucky teenagers are in big trouble after police say they caused a big mess at a popular church-based campground.

Investigators say the suspects caused thousands of dollars in damage at Ruggles Camp Retreat, near Tollesboro in Lewis County.

The three suspects, two 13-year-olds and a 14-year-old, were arrested Monday, more than a week after the crime.

Police say the teens broke windows out of several of the camp's cottages, and severely damaged the fellowship hall.

Investigators say they used Bibles to start a fire in one of the cottages, which caused minor damage.

The teens are also accused of spraying graffiti.

The teens were arrested after a long investigation. They're all charged with felony vandalism.

They're being held in the Boyd County Juvenile Detention Center.

Ruggles Camp Retreat is operated by the United Methodist Church.

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