Police: Man Stole Car With Child Inside

Police made a quick arrest late Tuesday after they say a man took off with a car from a Danville gas station that had a five-year-old boy in the back seat.

Police say the suspect told them he was cold and looking for a warm place to stay at the Speedway downtown.

Police arrested Marvin Goodman, 43, not too far from the gas station.

Goodman faces theft and kidnapping charges.

Police say he waited until a woman went inside to pay for gas then got inside her car and took off.

Police say Goodman told them he didn't know the five year old was in the back seat.

He abandoned the car and child about one hundred yards from the gas station.

When police found the car, the child was safely inside it.

The child's mother is deaf and it took a few minutes for workers at Speedway to understand what was going on.

However, police say several witnesses saw the suspect and they quickly arrested Goodman.

The mother hasn't been charged since the child was left alone inside the unlocked car.

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