Lawmakers Pushing Guns In Vehicles On Campus Bill

Representative Robert Damron says there is a big oversight taking place when it comes to guns in cars parked on campus.

“We're not talking about taking it in the classroom. We're not talking about taking it in the dormitory,” says Rep. Damron, D-Nicholasville.

But Damron says people, who are already allowed to keep guns in cars just about everywhere else as long as they don't brandish them, are not allowed to have guns in cars on any campus.

Damron says some college employees don't like that. “And they said, ‘Hey, they can fire me because I have a gun in my car’. That's not right," he said.

But some students say the thought of guns in cars, for whatever reason, makes them nervous.

Representative Damron says he has widespread support for the legislation, but he fears a roadblock once he gets it into committee.

Damron says 10 of the 15 judiciary committee members support it, but he's been told the chairman may not call it up for a vote.

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