Love Triangle At Fast Food Restaurant Nearly Turns Deadly

It's a love triangle that police say nearly turned deadly at the drive thru.

Now two fast food workers are facing charges for allegedly trying to kill a man by putting poison in his sandwich.

It happened at a McDonald's in Olive Hill. That's in Carter County.

Until last week, Patricia Valandingham and 37-year-old Christopher Stephens worked there.

Investigators say Stephens was working the drive thru window when he saw Valandingham's husband pull up and order a McChicken sandwich.

Police say Stephens then grabbed some rat poison he had with him and put it on the sandwich.

But a fellow McDonald's employee saw it all happen. Police say that person stopped Stephens before he could send the poisoned sandwich out the window.

Police say the motive was that Stephens and Valandingham were having an affair. Their report says there was enough rat poison on the sandwich to kill someone.

Stephens is now charged with attempted murder. Valandingham is charged with complicity to commit murder.

Police say when they showed Stephens the evidence and statements, he basically admitted the crime. He's now jailed on a $250,000 dollar cash bond.

No bond has been set yet for Valandingham.

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