Mother, Three Children Homeless After Fire

A Madison County family is homeless after fire tore through an apartment building, late Wednesday night.

The fire broke out around 11:30 at the apartment building on Bolton Avenue in Richmond.

The apartment building houses four homes. One home was heavily damaged by fire. The three others had smoke damage. There were no injuries reported.

According to fire officials, the fire started on a couch on the back patio, quickly spreading through the back wall of the building. They say the fire is suspicious, but have not yet ruled it arson.

Terry Bryant, a single mother of three children, says she doesn't know how she'll get back on her feet. She says she's more upset, though because she thinks the fire was set intentionally. And even though she's not pointing fingers just yet, Bryant says what those allegedly responsible did was "low" and hopes they get what they deserve.

For the time being, Bryant and her children are staying in a hotel, thanks to the American Red Cross.

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