Psychiatrist: Murder Suspect Planned Suicide

The trial of a former Lexington eye doctor, accused of murder, continued Thursday as his psychiatrist took the stand.

Michael Flick is accused of killing Christine Wittich, a former co-worker, and shooting his former business partner, Dr. Randall Lambrith back in 2005. All three worked together at a Lexington Lenscrafter's location.

Flick's psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Grancher, testified that Flick had just been fired from his job and he was going to Lambrith's house to talk.

He says Flick planned on killing himself in front of Lambrith if they couldn't resolve their issues.

The doctor says suicidal thoughts weren't new for Flick.

During cross examination, Grancher he said he believed flick is competent and responsible for what happened that day.

Grancher says Flick has superior intelligence with an IQ of 131, but he has serious social disorders. Grancher says exactly what happened that day is unknown because Flick has amnesia about the incident.

The trial will pick back up on Monday in Fayette Circuit court. Flick stands charged with murder, attempted murder and burglary.

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