Police Investigate Reported Rape On UK Campus

Officials at the University of Kentucky are warning students and staff to be on the lookout after a rape was reported on campus. The Emergency Management department issued an advisory on Thursday.

UK officials say police are investigating a rape that's reported to have happened at 410 Rose Lane. It reportedly happened between 1:30 and 4:00, Sunday morning.

Campus police tell students to call 911 if they notice anything suspicious.

Here are some tips for students:

-Always be aware of your surroundings and of the activities of people around you.

-If you choose to drink, be responsible! Alcohol clouds decision making and increases confidence, a combination that often leads to risky situations.

-Do not travel alone after dark; always walk with a friend or with a group.

-Make statements with authority -- BACK-OFF! STOP! NO WAY! Never comply with being moved to another location, FIGHT BACK!

-Carry a cell phone or other personal safety device.

-Request a FREE escort by calling the "Safe Cats" at 323-FREE (3733) or UK Police at 257-1616.

-Request taxi service through UK Genesis "Taxicats" at 381-1010.

-Park only in well lit areas.

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