Lexington's Smoking Ban To Change

It's been in place for years, but a ruling by a judge forces a change to Lexington's smoking ban.

The judge ruled on Thursday that smoking can be allowed in bingo halls when athletic booster organizations are operating fund raising events.

The smoking ban was passed in 2003 by the Urban County Government. It banned smoking in all public buildings, but facilities operated by private organizations were exempt.

Six major boosters in Lexington have been arguing for years that smoking should be allowed at their fund raising events because they are privately operated.

Several of these organizations have been fined by the health department for violating the ban. Thursday's ruling means, they are now in the clear.

Dr. Melinda Rowe, Lexington-Fayette County Health Department commissioner of health, released this statement.

"We will consult with our legal advisers on how to proceed with the enforcement of Lexington's smoking ordinance in light of the judge's decision."

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