Lawsuit Says Man's Body Was Mishandled

She says her husband's body was flown home in a wet cardboard box.

Now, a central Kentucky woman says someone should have to pay.

It's been nearly a year since Charlene Groves' husband, Ronald, died in Florida.

While he received a proper burial in Franklin County, she claims Ronald's body was treated no better than a piece of luggage on the trip north.

Groves is now suing Delta Air Lines, who transported the body, and the Florida funeral home who prepared the body to be transported.

The lawsuit claims Groves suffered mental pain and anguish, along with emotional distress.

Ronald Groves died in February, 2007, while in Florida.

His family had made arrangements to have his body transported to Kentucky for burial.

The lawsuit claims the funeral home wrapped Groves' body in plastic, then placed it in a cardboard box.

But according to the lawsuit, the plane made a stop in Atlanta. That's where the suit then claims workers left the box out in the rain, causing it to get wet and tear.

Charlene Groves says the body was delivered in extremely poor shape.

27 NEWSFIRST spoke with officials at Delta, who say it's not their policy to comment on pending litigation.

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