Vandals Slash Tires on Franklin County School Buses

In the middle of a very cold night...someone scaled a barbed wire fence with the intent of putting school buses out of service.

"You just can't believe what possesses somebody to be that bored that they would think it's fun to climb a fence and slash tires," says Franklin County Schools Dir. Of Communications Wayne Dominic.

Drivers discovered the damage about 5:30 Friday morning. 10 buses were hit...all with their right front tires cut. Many had three slash marks.

"It was probably someone trying to get a day off of school or somebody mad at bus drivers or something," says Dominic.

While the motivation could have been kids just wanting to get a day out of school, officials say they had a good back up plan, another bus lot on the other side of town.

"It delayed things a little bit. But everybody got to school. Nobody missed school because of it," says Dominic.

All the tires were replaced by maintenance workers.

"Each tire cost between $250 and $225. So a couple of thousand dollars that could be put to better use than changing tires that didn't need to be changed."

Officials think they'll catch the criminals..because they believe the criminals will talk about what they've done. And they plan to prosecute.

"It's not going to be just a slap on the wrist. We're going to take as much action as we possibly can."

Officials say the $2500 to fix the buses would have paid for a classroom full of textbooks.

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