Extreme Cold Freezes Bluegrass

A bitterly cold weekend in the Bluegrass.

With temperatures plummeting to the single digits, and wind chills well below zero, we're seeing some of the coldest weather this season.

The extreme could be hitting the homeless harder than anyone. Organizers at the Catholic Action Center say they are packed and need your help.

They're in desperate need of blankets after giving so many out already.
You can drop off your blankets of any kind at the center located at 400 East Fifth Street.

The Catholic Action center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There's been a run on space heaters and indoor stoves at Central Kentucky stores in anticipation of the severe chill.

The Lexington fire department warns people though to be very careful with certain types of alternative heat.

The fire department also cautions people to plug electric heaters directly into an outlet. Don't use an extension cord.

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