Judge Delays Change Of Venue Decision For Jamie Barnett

Jamie Barnett was back in the Powell County Courthouse Wednesday for a change of venue hearing. Barnett is accused of killing Police Chief Randy Lacy last summer.

It's been seven months since Chief Randy Lacy was shot and killed in his police cruiser, and Jamie Barnett's attorney says that's seven months of news coverage in Powell County.

In an effort to make his point clear to the judge, Attorney Marcus Jones put three Powell County residents on the stand to testify that they believe a fair trial will never happen in Powell County.

The Commonwealth argues all three who testified Wednesday know the defendant and don't accurately represent the people of Powell County. After listening to the testimony, the judge says he'll be ready to make a decision soon and wants to get the trial on the fast-track.

The defense also laid out it's plan to use a mental defense after getting results from a psychological exam back. The Commonwealth says it also plans to evaluate Barnett using a doctor of its own.

Barnett is scheduled to be back in court February 6.

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