Discussions Begin On Illegal Immigration Legislation

Representative Bob Damron says employers of illegal immigrants are committing crimes.

“One is against the aliens that are here and being abused and against all the other people in this commonwealth who should be having those jobs,” says Rep. Damron, D-Nicholasville.

Damron and others filed House Bill 304 to get tough on employers who ‘knowingly and intentionally’ hire illegals.

“And to me, there's nothing more unconscionable than an employer who basically enslaves them because they’re providing cheap labor to do their product,” said Damron.

The bill would also use the criminal justice system to help indentify those who are in the U.S. without the proper documentation.

But Representative Bent Yonts believes some of that could be burden on the current system.

“It says ‘violations shall be brought before the circuit court.’ How is that going to overload the court system and affect AOC budgets? Create more judges, courthouses?” Rep. Yonts, D-Greenville, asked.

But others who testified say some illegal aliens are downright dangerous. And there's little being done to identify them.

“I don't think this committee wants to allow free roaming of serious criminal illegal aliens in this state,” Dr. David Duncan of Lexington, who supports the bill, told committee members.

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