Injured Lexington Firefighter Talks About His Recovery

It's been a long road to recovery for a Lexington firefighter critically injured while fighting a fire.

Lt. Rich Carlin suffered second burns over much of his body three months ago, at a Parsons Lane home.

He says he remembers taking a step inside the burning home, when suddenly, he fell. The flames started burning his body, particularly on his arms, hands, and legs. Carlin says he felt trapped because of the zero visibility and extreme heat.

He started crawling, and was eventually rescued by other firefighters.

He spent weeks in the hospital, recovering from his burns. Few people thought he would ever have full use of his hands and arms again.

But by Christmas Day, he felt well enough to report for duty again.

Carlin says he's grateful to the community for all the encouragement during his recovery. He calls his wife, Susan, "Incredible."

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