Council Debates Sewer Tax Increase

Outdated,inadequate, and a mess.
Those are just some of the words used to describe Lexington's sewer system. According to the Urban County Council, we've got to update our sewer systems.
The council is so serious about an upgrade that it wants to charge 48% more a year in sewer fees.
On Thursday, the public weighed in on the council's suggestion.
Many said that this decision is past due, claiming that over the years, overflowing sewers have polluted neighborhoods, farmland, and Lexington's watershed.
They said it would be irresponsible for the council not to raise taxes.
Others said just the opposite, citing that the tax hike would burden those in the lower and middle class.
The council will make a final decision on the matter the second week in February.
The Environmental Protection Agency has warned the city if it does not repair the sewer problems soon, the city will face federal fines.

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