Triple Murder Suspect Speaks Out From Jail

A man who investigators say killed a Carter County mother and her two young children, then burned down their home to conceal the crime spoke out from jail Thursday.

Robert Drown is charged with three counts of murder in connection with the deaths of Jennifer Ison and her daughters. Now Drown says police arrested the wrong man.

Drown spoke to a reporter from his isolated cell, where he is awaiting a death penalty trial. Drown says he's struggled with bipolar disorder since he was 20 years old and even attempted suicide recently.

He admitted knowing Jennifer Ison. He says he met her a few days before her death at a bar. Drown says he never would have hurt the mother of two and he's been wronlgy accused of the crime.

"(It's) scary to think about all of a sudden your life may be over. i mean i can't believe how many people i have met that turned out to be innocent. What are they gonna do give you a million dollars and say sorry. I am facing execution and people on the internet have convicted me already."

Drown said he wants a speedy trial and he's hoping it's over as soon as possible.

The triple murder case is set to go to trial December 1st.

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