Lexington Crime Rate Hits Three Decade Low

Mayor Jim Newberry announced Friday the combined rate of major crimes in Lexington - murders, rapes, robberies, arsons and thefts - is the lowest it has been in 33 years.

Even though Lexington's population increased dramatically since the 1970s, Mayor Newberry said the rate of major crimes is lower in 2007 than in 1974. The rate plummeted 8.4 percent in 2007 alone, he said.

Mayor Newberry said the decline is a direct result of hard work by Lexington's Division of Police and the criminal justice community.

Newberry said he included funds in last year's budget to hire 50 additional officers and will hire 50 more in each of the next two years.

The mayor said there are many cities of comparable size to Lexington that have many more police officers than Lexington.

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