Father Charged With Abusing Infant Speaks Out

A Clark County man is in jail after police say he beat his three-week-old son.

Jesse Patrick now faces abuse charges, but he says he did not hurt his son. After pleading not guilty in court on Monday, he talked to 27 NEWSFIRST from jail.

Patrick was arrested Sunday after social services showed up at his Winchester home because someone called them saying three-week-old Wyatt had a black eye.

Patrick says Wyatt did have a bruise on his eye and it happened when the baby's mother was giving him a bath.

He says the baby wasn't crying and was sleeping well so he didn't think the bruise was a big deal.

Patrick says the hospital told him there were some other more serious injuries that were abusive in nature. Some of those injuries include broken bones and a possible skull fracture.

Patrick says the baby was in the care of friends when he and his girlfriend, who is the baby's mom, went to take a shower together. He says that has to be when Wyatt got hurt. So far, no other charges have been filed.

Patrick says, as a father of three, he would never hurt his baby. He is being held on a ten-thousand dollar bond.

Wyatt is in fair condition at Kentucky Children's Hospital.

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