Lawmaker Proposes Energy Drink Ban For Kids

Their names and colors are eye catching. Drinks in large cans, with names like No Fear, Monster, and Adrenaline Rush. And most people love them for two reasons.

“I like the taste. Seems like they pep you up a little bit,” says Wayne Hockensmith of Frankfort.

And that "pep" is why state lawmaker Danny Ford filed House Bill 374, which would put the drinks off the market for minors. Ford thinks you should be 18 years old to drink them.

Not letting kids buy the drinks could affect the bottom line for stores like Silver Lake Food Mart in Frankfort.

“It probably will a little bit but I don't think it will a whole lot because a lot of our customers that are buying energy drinks are mainly adults,” says Silver Lake Manager Jackie Kannar

The key ingredient in the drinks isn't anything illegal. It's caffeine. But it's the amount of that substance that is creating all the concern.

Some larger cans have as much caffeine as three cups of coffee. A can of Monster warns against drinking more than three cans in one day. It and a Rockstar drink advise children and pregnant women to steer clear. But many kids love them.

“A lot of the high school students come in and get them. I guess for a little pick me up before class,” says Kannar.

The bill targets energy drinks with more than 71 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounce can serve as well as other drinks with certain compounds and acids.

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