Man Shot Outside Diner Still Recovering

A long-standing feud between two Eastern Kentucky men boils over, sending one to the hospital and the other to jail.

Police say Terry Mullins was shot last week outside the White Flash Number Two Diner in Jackson.

Investigators claim he rammed his car into the suspect's car, which sparked the shooting.

But Mullins tells 27 NEWSFIRST he was just protecting himself.

Mullins says the accused shooter, Christopher Crank, approached him in the diner's parking lot, twirling a gun.

Mullins says the jumped out of his car, and started fighting with him. Police were called and tried to pull the men apart.

That's when Mullins claims Crank shot him in the stomach.

The bullet went out through Mullins' back, nearly missing his spine.

Mullins was taken to UK Hospital, where he's still recovering.

He claims he's had a history of problems with Crank.

Crank was arrested at the scene. He now faces several charges.

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