Man's Puppy Chews Off Four Of His Toes

A Lexington man is recovering after his puppy chewed off four of his toes as he slept.

Terry Smith, who lives on Bryan Avenue, is paralyzed from the waist down and says he didn't feel a thing.

Smith's roommate, Tim Cantrell, says he noticed blood on Smith's bed when he woke up Tuesday morning.

It appears the five-month-old pit bull mix named China, was playing with her owner's feet and ended up taking off all the toes, except the big toe on his left foot.

Cantrell says the dog is harmless and has never been violent in the past.

Smith was taken to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment. Animal control officials removed the dog from the home.

China will be in the custody of animal control officials for 10 days. After that, it is up to the owner what to do with the puppy.

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