Lexington Mayor Calls For Inspections After Concrete Falls From Overpass

Crumbling concrete from an overpass shut down one of Lexington's busiest roads on Tuesday afternoon.

Someone driving on New Circle Road was hit by a falling chunk of concrete at the Nicholasville Road overpass. The driver didn't realize what had happened until he pulled over, a little farther down the road.

Police and the highway department were called in to look into the problem.

Crews shut down the outer loop of New Circle for about an hour while they inspected that overpass. Police diverted traffic over Nicholasville Road, so the traffic back-up wasn't as bad as it could have been.

Transportation workers tried to knock more concrete free from the overpass. They think the problem was caused by some recent patchwork and say the structural integrity of that structure is just fine.

The road reopened just before 5:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Because of the incident, Lexington Mayor Jim Newberry is calling for inspections on all state-maintained bridges in Fayette County. He's asked that those inspections begin as soon as possible.

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