McCain, Clinton Win Florida; Giuliani Will Drop Out

MIAMI (AP) - John McCain is the winner of the Florida Republican
primary. He edged past Mitt Romney to gain campaign momentum for
next week's string of contests in 21 states.
McCain tells The Associated Press it's a "very significant
boost" and shows he's "the conservative leader who can unite the
The Florida victory is worth 57 national convention delegates
for McCain and is the largest single prize to date in the race.
Rudy Giuliani was in third place and Republican officials say he
will endorse John McCain tomorrow in California, indicating the
former New York mayor is getting ready to drop out of the race.
Mike Huckabee has told supporters he'll forge on.

ORLANDO (AP) - Republican officials say Rudy Giuliani plans to
endorse John McCain tomorrow in California.
The former New York mayor stopped short of officially quitting
the GOP presidential race after finishing a distant third behind
McCain and Mitt Romney in Florida's primary.
Giuliani told supporters that "elections are about fighting for
a cause larger than ourselves," and said "we ran a campaign that
was uplifting." When asked directly if he was dropping out, he
just said, "I'm going to California."
Giuliani had staked his presidential hopes on Florida, largely
skipping the early voting states.

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) - Mitt Romney is vowing to carry his
campaign into the vote-rich Super Tuesday contests next week after
narrowly losing Florida's primary to rival John McCain.
In his concession speech Tuesday night, the former Massachusetts
governor issued a call to arms to conservatives to back him.
He vowed to cut federal spending, end illegal immigration and
teach children "that before they have babies, they should get
The defeat marked the fourth time the former Massachusetts
governor and the Arizona senator had gone head-to-head in a major
GOP contest. Romney won in his native state of Michigan; McCain won
earlier in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

DAVIE, Fla. (AP) - Hillary Clinton says it's a "resounding"
win. And in her victory speech tonight following Tuesday's Florida
primary, she pledged to do all she can to make sure the state's
delegates are seated and are in the winning column for the
Last year, the national party stripped Florida of its delegates
as punishment for moving its primary ahead of February 5th, and the
candidates pledged to bypass the state.
But Democratic voters turned out, in part driven by ballot
initiatives on property tax relief and gambling in some counties.
Exit polls of Florida Democrats conducted for The Associated
Press and the television networks showed that those surveyed
believe the economy is the most important issue facing the country.
Half of Democrats called the economy poor.