Wild Night Of Wicked Weather

A wild and wicked night of weather across the state Tuesday night, strong winds and heavy rains caused damage and knocked out power across much of Kentucky.

Trees and power poles were reported down border to border as line of severe weather swept across the state. At one point more than 17-thousand Kentucky Utilities customers were without power.

In Lexington, the biggest power outage was in the Man O’War, Richmond Road area, where 2,200 customers were in the dark. There were other sporadic outages reported across the city including some apartments on Hollow Creek Road. People who live in one building on Hollow Creek had to find a new place to stay for the night because of the power situation.

High winds also caused trouble on Richmond Road near the intersection with Mt. Tabor Road. A cable holding a street sign snapped causing a traffic hazard. The sign hit several cars, police shutdown the road while crews repaired the sign.

Wind damage was also reported in Nicholas County, where we are told a roof was blown off a home and several power lines were down along U.S. 68.

In Laurel County, high winds knocked a tower from a low-power T.V. Station. W.O.B.Z., channel nine, was knocked off the air.
The station's owner says the storm forced the tower's guide wires out of the ground, causing the 180-foot tower to fall to the ground.

In Louisville, officials say thunderstorms and high winds knocked power out for thousands of people. One person was injured at a local mall when a glass panel blew out over one of the entrances, according to the manager. 25,000 LGE customers were without power this morning.

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