Body Found Outside Lexington Storage Unit

The cold weather may have lead to a woman's death early Wednesday morning in Lexington.

A customer at the Handi Self-Storage on West Tiverton Drive found the woman's body around seven.

The woman has been identified as 51-year-old Janice Kidd, Managers say she had only rented the storage unit for a few weeks. We're told she had moved to the area from Florida.

The last time Kidd was seen alive was 10:45 on Tuesday night. At that time, the manager told her she needed to leave the property, but it appears she didn't listen to him.

Exactly what happened is still unclear, but there's speculation that Kidd tried to spend the night in her truck. When it ran out of gas, she went to the manager's apartment for help.

The coroner says they don't know exactly how she died but say Kidd may have slipped and hit her head and later died from exposure. He says she had taken off several articles of clothing, which is a sign of hypothermia,

An autopsy is planned at the state medical examiner's office. So far, there is no word on funeral arrangements.

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