Men Beat, Duct Tape Man To Chair During Robbery

A man is recovering after being found duct-taped to a chair at work. Police say he had been beaten and robbed.

The frightening crime happened in Flemingsburg.

Bill Powers, who works as a painter, was working into the early morning hours at the Fleming-Mason Energy building. It is undergoing some major renovations.

Powers thought he was alone, but two other men were in the building and up to no good.

Powers says first the masked men robbed him and then they beat him. They eventually duct taped him to a chair.

The men went into every room in the building, ransacking desk drawers, likely looking for money.

Powers was duct taped to the chair for four or five hours. His co-workers found him in that position when they reported to work the next morning. They say he appeared to be in shock.

Powers says he's lucky to be alive. He says he forgives the men who robbed and beat him, but says God will judge them for their actions.

There's no sign yet of those two armed me.

Powers says despite continuing anxieties, he does plan to be back at work on Thursday.

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