Inspectors Taking A Closer Look At Some Lexington Bridges

A day after some concrete chunks fell from a busy Lexington overpass, state inspectors were back on the scene, making sure it doesn't happen again.

Tuesday's incident shut down the outer loop of New Circle Road, at Nicholasville Road, for about an hour.

Inspectors say the concrete was just some loose pieces of patchwork, and the overpass is safe.

But they were back on the scene Wednesday to check the bridge again.

Officials did not find anything that would require them to shut down the bridge again.

They say a few minor repairs need to be done to the bridge, but it can wait until spring.

The concrete that fell yesterday came from an old patchwork job that officials say just eroded away over time.

In the coming days, state inspectors say they're going to look at other bridges that are similar to the Nicholasville Road overpass. In particular, they'll be looking for any concrete that may be getting weaker on its outside edge.

Mayor Jim Newberry has directed his public works commissioner to inspect all bridges maintained by the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government.

Tuesday, the mayor said he wanted all state-maintained bridges in Lexington to be inspected. But state officials say all of those bridges were just inspected last year, and were found to be in good shape.

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