Attack Victim Petitions For Safer Park

J.C. Borne was beaten and robbed at Lake Mingo Park in Nichoalsville in June, 2007. Three teenagers were later charged in the case, but Borne says the park is still dangerous.

Since his beating, Bourne has petitioned lawmakers to add lights or security. Thursday night Bourne planned to go before the Nicholasville city council for the 3rd time to ask for the changes, but he was not allowed to speak due to a technicality.

Public safety commissioner, Chris Moore, said adding lights to the park is a possible solution, but one that will cost money. He told us park patrons should go to Lake Mingo in the daylight, because it's not possible to have extra police units patrol the area and installing new lights will cost the city hundreds of dollars.

Bourne tells us he's going to continue pushing lawmakers and won't stop until changes are made.

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