Lincoln Murder Mystery Now Six Years Old

Time is supposed to heal wounds, but Sherry Moore still feels the same pain that began on a cold February Friday night in 2002.

“I'll never give up until I have the answers of who killed my son,” says Moore of the search for suspects in the deaths of her 18-year-old son, Bo Upton, and 20-year-old Ryan Shangraw.

The two were gunned down in Ryan's trailer just outside Stanford.

Since then, there has been a $25,000 reward offered and advertisements asking for help. And leads still come in; Moore learned of one just days ago.

“And it's a whole new type of lead then the leads we had before,” Moore says of the person who called her.

Police aren’t talking much about the investigation, only to say that it is “active” and “ongoing.”

Several detectives are working on it. They continue to ask the community for help.

Moore thinks someone has the final piece of the puzzle police need, but is scared to come forward. She says police have a way to keep everything anonymous.

“If they're afraid to tell, if they'll get killed for telling, Detective Monte Owens can give them an ID number,” says Moore.

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