More Testimony On Illegal Immigration Bill In Frankfort

There's growing concern in Frankfort that illegal immigrants are crowding Kentucky's jails. That was the focus of testimony Monday on a bill that's designed to curb the flow of illegal residents into Kentucky.

It's a struggle for many in courthouses and jails, when the prisoners speak a language that officials don't understand.

Ernie Lewis heads up Kentucky's public advocacy program in the courts. He has a lot of problems with a bill that's aimed to to slow the flow of illegal immigrants in the state.

Part of the bill targets illegals in jails in order to eventually deport them. But Lewis fears that will cost the courts a lot of money and could even give some officers the incentive to arrest more.

Bob Damron says his bill won't increase racial profiling.

There was testimony Monday that simply using the jails will overload them with illegals. But Damron says it will do just the opposite.

The bill would require the federal officials to be called upon if an inmate says they're not a U.S. Citizen.

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