Burglars Climb Roof, Break Hole In Wall At Clark County Shopping Center

It sounds like something straight out a movie.

Thousands of dollars are missing from a Clark County shopping center, after a daring burglary.

Winchester Police say the suspects hit three businesses at the Colby Ridge Shopping Center after closing time Sunday night.

Police say the burglars used an air conditioning unit on the roof to get into the Quizno's restaurant.

After stealing nearly $1,000 from the restaurant's safe, police say the burglars then used an adjoining door to get into Fantastic Sam's. They stole $150 from the cash register there.

Police say the burglars then went back into Quizno's, and broke a hole in a wall to get into Perfect Tan. They stole more than $3,500 from Perfect Tan's safe.

So far, no arrests have been made in the case.

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