Man and Dog Reuniting After Bizarre Injury

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A Lexington man who had four toes chewed off by his puppy last week will soon be reunited with the dog. 27NEWSFIRST spoke to the dog's owner, Terry Smith, on Thursday.

The 27-year-old had just returned home from the hospital. Smith said he didn't even know his dog, China, had chewed his toes off because of an accident he suffered five years ago which left him paralyzed form the waist down.

"I fell out of a tree, right on to my back." Terry said in an interview.

Smith also said his dog was playing, and didn't mean to hurt him. He said he wants his puppy back at home.

"She's my best friend, my companion, so I'm not alone," he told 27NEWSFIRST.

China has been quarantined at the Lexington-Fayette Animal and Control since the incident last Tuesday. Officials there said it does not appear China is a threat to his owner or anyone else. Smith said he will pick her up first thing Friday morning.