Protect Yourself! Keeping Your Home Safe From Burglars

It's the top crime committed in Lexington and anyone can be a victim.

2,000 burglaries were committed in Fayette County in 2007. But police say you don't have to be a target. 27NEWSFIRST toured two different random homes with a crime prevention specialist to see if home owners were guarded against burglars.

We found home owners left their doors and windows unlocked either unknowingly or because they don't think they could become a victim. We also learned in our investigation that homeowners often have yard decorations which burglars could easily use to break a window and get inside. The number one way police tell us you can guard your property is to have properly installed locks on windows and doors.

The Lexington Police Department offers free crime prevention walk-through's of your home.
You can call (859)258-3636 to set up an appointment.