Flu Cases Statewide Doubled In The Past Week

It has a grip on Kentucky and it's only getting stronger. The flu has hit the bluegrass state hard.

The number of confirmed flu cases in the state has more than doubled this week, from 54 on Monday to 118 on Friday.

Doctors say people all over Kentucky are complaining of terrible symptoms and you can thank something that's called Influenza A.

Heather Brewer has been feeling lousy the past few days.

"..walking around, my body got really weak," she said.

She has the flu and is one of more than a hundred confirmed cases throughout Kentucky. Doctors say most people have influenza A, the most serious kind.

Doctor Ben Huneycutt says they've been waiting for this all year and now it's here.

"There's a very rapid onset of fever, chills, and marked body aches," he said.

The good news is, whether it's the serious kind of influenza A or the milder B or C variety, the flu vaccine takes care of them all. And this year, doctors expect this bad bug to be around quite some time.

If you do get sick..doctors suggest getting on meds quick.

"We like to call it the birth control for flu virus. They do not get rid of it, they stop it from making more. You have to get it in your system within 48 hours of onset," said Dr. Robert Brawley, from the Cabinet For Health And Family Services.

Doctors say it could be April or even May before this flu strain is gone.

Because of the seriousness of the situation, the Frankfort clinic is offering free flu shots. Nurses will even come to your car to give you the shot.

The health department in Fayette County is also trying to battle the rising number of flu cases.

There will be a community flu sot clinic Wednesday from four to seven at the Northside YMCA on West Louden. The shots are only one dollar for children and five for adults.

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