Richmond Considers Measure To Stop Copper Thieves

Copper theft is a common crime in Kentucky, but while the thieves do get some money out of it, the thefts can cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Now, the city of Richmond is considering an ordinance aimed at the people who buy the stolen metal.

Construction crews around Richmond say anything to slow down copper theft will be appreciated.

The ordinance spells out exactly what kind of records scrap metal dealers would be required to keep or face penalties.

"They shouldn't profit from stealing, so this is just a proactive way the city can try to eliminate this as much as possible," said city manager David Evans.

"They could be fined up to $250 or they could lose their city business license," he said. "The police department came up here and approached us first and we tried to put together an ordinance."

It's not just copper thefts the city is trying to curtail. Thieves are routinely stealing catalytic converters from beneath vehicles and taking them straight to the scrap metal dealers.

"We tried to make it pretty inclusive of all the scrap metals that people are selling to make money from when they steal all of these items," Evans said.

Evans says he thinks scrap metal dealers should welcome this ordinance because it'll protect them because they would be required to write down the name of the person selling copper.

There's also a bill pending in Frankfort, House Bill 106, dealing with the same problem.

The ordinance gets its first reading in city commission chambers next Tuesday.

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