Safety Questioned After City Hall Shooting

In Lexington, city officials tell us new security measures are being considered, but not specifically because of the Missouri shootings.
Officials say society is changing, and there's a growing need for added security. Already we're told there's extra staff present at meetings where high-profile topics are discussed. There's talk of putting a metal detector in Lexington's Goverment Building as well as other city buildings.

Among those killed in Kirkwood, Missouri are two police officers, the city public works director, Kenneth Yost, and council members Michael Lynch and Connie Karr. The gunman, Charles Lee "Cookie" Thornton, was shot and killed in the attack.

Police say Thornton opened fire at City Hall with a handgun he
brought, then used one of the slain officer's pistols to continue
his assault. A reporter at the meeting says City Attorney John
Hessel tried to fight off the attacker by throwing chairs. The
mayor was shot and is in intensive care.

Friends and family say Thornton had a long-standing feud with
City Hall and had filed and lost a federal free-speech lawsuit
against the city.

Thornton's brother says he left behind a one-line suicide note
that read "The truth will come out in the end." Police now have
the note.

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