Scott County Proposes Drug Testing High Schoolers

GEORGETOWN, KY -- Random drug tests are being considered for Scott County high school students who drive to school or otherwise are involved in extracurricular activities, reports the Lexington Herald-Leader in its Saturday edition.

A public meeting to discuss the issue is scheduled for 7 p.m. Feb. 21 in the Scott County High School auditorium.

While community leaders, the police and school officials have been talking for more than two years about the possibility of random drug tests, Bob Leonard, vice chairman of Scott Countians Against Drugs, said the recent indictment of star basketball player Bud Mackey did "open some people's eyes," reports the Herald-Leader.

Leonard said there has been some resistance in the community because people are unclear about how testing results would be used.

"When you start finding crack cocaine on your high school campus," Leonard said, "suddenly people start paying attention."

Mackey, named most valuable player of last year's state tournament-winning team, was arrested in September after rock cocaine was found in his shoe, police said. Earlier this month, a grand jury indicted the former Cardinal on a charge of trafficking a controlled substance, the newspaper reports.

Implementing drug testing requires action by the Scott County School Board, said Cheryll Pearson, director of special services and Title IX for the district. Pearson, who is also a licensed psychologist, said she hopes the meeting will help educate people about the goals of testing, reports the Herald-Leader.

Although the Georgetown Police Department supports the plan, and is helping organize the community meeting, drug testing would not primarily be a law enforcement tool.

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