Slick Roads Cause Two Crashes On Two Kentucky Interstates

Police were very busy Tuesday morning after several wrecks throughout the state were reported due to treacherous weather.

One crash happened on Interstate-75 at the 103 mile marker. Police tell 27NEWSFIRST a car and a semi-truck were involved in a crash over three lanes, causing the semi to jack-knife.

All three lanes were shutdown for several hours as crews worked to clear the highway of debris. As cleanup crews worked, traffic was backed up for miles along Interstate-75. Police say they are still investigating what caused the crash, and say luckily no on was injured.

Another crash involving a semi-truck happened Tuesday afternoon, this one on Interstate-64 at the 98 mile marker in Clark County. Police tell us the driver of an SUV lost control after skidding in a slick patch, and into oncoming traffic.

Police say the SUV then slammed into a semi-truck causing it to flip on it side, losing the scrap metal it was holding. Luckily no one was injured in this crash as well. All lanes had to be shut down for hours, but have since re-opened.

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