Bill Requring Weather Radios In Some Homes Passes Committee

Ruth Ann Palumbo filed House Bill 256 to require retailers to furnish a weather radio in mobile homes.

WKYT Chief Meteorologist T.G. Shuck testified in support of the bill.

There was some debate on whether the bill unfairly targets the mobile home industry. However, bill backers say we leaned just last week that mobile homes usually don't survive a direct hit with a tornado, such as the rash of tornadoes in western Kentucky on February 5th and 6th.

“With the number of fatalities, all seven fatalities with the outbreak last week were (people) in mobile homes,” said Shuck.

Representative Ken Upchurch pushed an amendment for all homes to have the radios. “And it would require realtors to make these radios at the time of sale,” he said.

The amendment failed, but the bill with several other amendments passed.

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