More Wintry Weather Hits Kentucky

Road crews got a head start Tuesday night, pretreating roads before sleet and snow moved in.

In Lexington, road workers started spreading salt before the wintry mix started.

There was also concern that the rain that fell earlier Tuesday would refreeze by Wednesday morning's commute.

Several reports of accidents were made throughout the area Tuesday.

One of those crashes shut down I-75 in Fayette County two times at the 104-mile marker when a semi and passenger car collided.

No one was injured in that accident.

The closure lasted for about ten hours Tuesday.

The detour from that accident caused problems for one trucker in Clark County early Wednesday morning.

A trucker got lost and slid off of Red River Road during the snow.

A wrecker was called to the scene to clear up the accident.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) - Crews are clearing slick roads across Kentucky after a second wave of snow and freezing temperatures hit overnight.

Although there was some accumulation, it wasn't nearly as severe as a storm earlier in the week that dumped freezing rain on top of 4 inches of snow over much of central and western Kentucky.

But the snow showers that hit early Wednesday covered a wider expanse of the state - stretching from Paducah to Pikeville, and caused road and school closures in some areas.

State highway officials say a downed power line was blocking U.S. 60 east of the Crittenden-Livingston County line in western Kentucky.

Despite the new snow, the National Weather Service says precipitation levels have dropped throughout most of the state.

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