Family Torn Over Cemetery Vandalism

Several grave stones at a cemetery in the Roark Community in Leslie County were damaged. Now the family is demanding answers!

Those who have loved ones buried at the cemetery say it's obvious the vandals made it up to the tombstones by four wheeler; then caused thousands of dollars in damage for reasons no one can explain.

The cemetery is a place of solace for the Collett family, a small cemetery in the Roark Community where generations of those they love are buried.

Family members say it came as quite a shock to find a place where they come to remember, is now a crime scene.

"I don't know why people want to do it for. I think it's crazy," Andrew Collett said.

Collett just stopped by to visit his mother's grave on Monday. But it was sometime in the night when vandals struck damaging tombstones, knocking down flower arrangements and destroying a place of comfort for the Colletts.

"I hope they catch'em who ever it is. I can't understand anything about it but this. There was no reason for that. It's bad," Collett said.

The Collett family is offering a reward of $500 for information leading to an arrest in the case police are investigating.

Several of the tombstones cost the family about $7,000 dollars a piece.

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