Students Make The Most Of Impromptu Winter Break

Wednesday was a great day for thousands of school kids, who had yet another day off from class due to bad weather.

Some Fayette County students made the most of their unplanned winter break.

We found dozens of people, young and old, sledding on a big hill outside the Shriner's Hospital on Richmond Road in Lexington.

"It's just wonderful to get out here with the grandchildren and have a good time.," said one man. "Everybody is just enjoying themselves. They're congenial, and it's perfect."

Many of the sled riders didn't come out just to make a few runs down the hill and then go right back home to the warmth of a roaring fire. They were ready to make a day of it.

While drivers do their very best to avoid collisions in weather like this, the sledders didn't seem to mind an occasional crack-up.

The Fayette County school system has added these two snow days onto the end of the school year. That now makes the last day of school in Fayette County, May 28th.

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