Casino Proposal Sparking Controversy

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The Governors proposal to build 12 casinos across the commonwealth, has triggered controversy between those for and against expanded gaming.

John Mark Hack the spokesperson for an anti-casino group argues that casinos would only bring more problems to counties, already dealing with other addictions and says they can't afford it.

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce is backing up the the governors proposal and so are the local race tracks, saying the casino proposal is a "good plan" and even though only one casino per county is allowed, they don't seem to be having any problem, comprising.

In a joint statement, Keeneland and The Red Mile said "Most of the conversation over the past few years has centered on only one casino license being awarded to Lexington. Officials from Keeneland and The Red Mile have been in communication, and we are in agreement that we will share the Lexington license.

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